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This story is a touching result of the mission we continue to uphold each and every day. Phil, we will celebrate the life you and your family gave Bubba ❤️

"I wanted to share the passing of my best friend Bubba Sconzert. I adopted him from your shelter back in the summer of 2009 after graduating from college. I initially had to "foster" him while he finished some medication and crate rest but the official day we celebrated was June 20th 2009. He was the very last dog I saw at your shelter that day and it was love at first sight.

Bubba has been with me through everything. We've moved from NY to Baltimore to Minneapolis and back to Boston and he's made all sorts of friends (2 legged & 4 legged) along the way. In Baltimore, I met my now wife and both Bubba and I fell in love together.

We've nursed Bubba through injured legs, skin allergies, a cryo-surgery for a growth on his eye, ear infections, dealing with nasty mast cells the best we could and eventually arthritis and bad hips. And Bubba was by my side and on my lap when I was diagnosed with cancer and through treatment.

I heard a couple of different estimates of his age from vets early on (1-2 years or 3-4 years). As time went on, I prayed that he would at least get to meet my first child. I am thrilled to say that Bubba not only got to meet my daughter but he was her best friend for over 2 and a half years. He also got to meet my second daughter and spend 6 months with her grabbing his ears whenever he would come over to say hi.

Bubba was the most loving and loyal friend. A true lap dog and lover of warmth whether it was his favorite pajamas, the fireplace, curling up underneath a blanket, or laying in the sun. He would pick tomatoes off the vine when we weren't looking at my mom's house. He was scared of thunderstorms and shiny parts of hardwood floors. He had to have the specific corner of the couch he wanted to curl up in. The only toy he didn't destroy in seconds were Kongs. He loved car rides and would either stare out the window or nap. His snoring would wake the neighbors. Thank you to your team for being there for dogs like him and for allowing people like me to adopt him.
Bubba Sconzert (6/20/09 - 1/18/24)"