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Do you guys remember Tyrone?

Tyrone was at the shelter (last pic) for just over 9 months! With that precious smile and curly tail, we could never understand why it took someone so long to pick Tyrone. But now we know he was waiting for that perfect guy to come and get him.

Funnily enough on the same day Blue's new owner came to bring him home, he found out that Blue's adoption was sponsored and wanted to pay it forward to another hopeful resident. Tyrone was that lucky guy, however a sponsored adoption was not the end of his luck. About 30 minutes after Blue had jumped in the car and headed home, Tyrone met that perfect guy he waiting for: Clyde. We cannot believe what an instance of faith that moment was!

Clyde adopted Tyrone just last week but he is already settling in like he's been home forever:

"I feel so lucky I got to adopt him! It blows my mind how he was stuck there for so long. He settled in very quickly to his new home. He is getting lots of long walks and attention. He has been great with the kids too (nephews in pic).

Thank you all for taking such great care of him! I hope no-one minds but I changed his name to Dumptruck. Me and Dumpers are already great friends and he is very popular everywhere I bring him.

He really is a wonderful dog and I am sure he'll have a very happy life here 🙂"

We cannot thank Clyde enough, and we are so excited to see Dumpers to live it up! ❤️