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How many of you remember Bubba finally getting adopted this past fall? Bubba was at our shelter for almost 3 1/2 years, and while he may have been overlooked for his size during that time, it took a special person like Sara to know that Bubba needed one big body to fit all of that personality into. Bubba is currently living in Hamilton with his new family, and he even gained a four legged sibling, Brock! Bubba now spends his mornings sleeping-in, getting fed the best diet possible for him, enjoying the outdoors and taking plenty of walks. He gets to nap on the bed, on the couch, or wherever he pleases and whenever he is bored, he has Brock by his side to mess with. Our favorite thing we got to hear when checking-in on Bubba had to do with all the personality we were talking about: "He’s a very good boy but a stubborn boy, he will purposefully ignore you and then smiles when you ask him why he’s ignoring you. He’s a silly dude who is full of personality and I’m very happy he’s able to become more of his true self every day and share it with us." We truly believe that through Sara and the rest of her family, not only have Bubba's external scars healed, but so have his internal ones too. You're finally HOME Bubba, enjoy it!