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We received a call from an individual who found Tiny Tim after being hit by a car. We could hear him crying and whining in the background in pain. We sent animal control over right away to pick him up. Although on the initial call there was said to be an owner nearby, once the ACO arrived, an owner could not be located. Tiny Tim was rushed to the vet to be checked out. We discovered he had a badly broken leg and would need a very expensive orthopedic surgery.  Tiny Tim left the shelter to be admitted at Cornell Small Animal Hospital to receive the best care possible and to have the best chance of saving his leg. His procedure is estimated to cost $3,000 - $5,000.  Here at SSHS we never know when an animal will seek our care and we never know to what level of veterinary care that pet will need. We always have to be ready for the unexpected.

Tiny Tim was adopted by Sandy and Franca Sangiacomo. They absolutely adore him and he has healed really well and made himself at home. He even has other furry friends adopted from our shelter. Attached are pictures of Tiny Tim while he was in our care (with the cast on his leg) and then pictures of him living the good life in his home.