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For those that don't remember Teddy, this cute guy spent over a year at our shelter. During that time he had mast cell tumors removed from his leg and healed great, wreaked havoc on plenty of toys, and stole our hearts with his one of a kind, goofball personality.
Teddy is a senior pup but when we tell you he could give a puppy a run for their money, we mean it. This past November he was finally adopted and we are so happy to see him living his best life, in his new home ❤

"Teddy is doing amazing. He has adjusted incredibly well to our house. The first few days were quite an adjustment for all of us, but we've figured it out. Teddy is still very much Teddy in his love of shredding toys and throwing himself against you to be petted. His tail is constantly going a mile a minute. You'd never guess his age by his puppy-like behavior. He loves toys that you hide treats in, chasing a laser pointer, and playing tug of war. He is a cuddle bug that is full of love and brings a level of joy to our home that we didn't realize was missing. I regret not bringing him home sooner."

We cannot thank Katrina, BJ and their family for welcoming Teddy as if he has always been a part of their family...and for dealing with his intense love for toys ❤