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Bear came in as a stray with a severely broken leg. We are not sure how he was injured or for how long, but his leg was just dangling when he arrived. He was brought straight to the vet after hours. Bear had to have surgery and have a pin placed in his leg. 

Bear is fully healed and doing great. Bear’s owners say they are so thankful for the shelter and the many donations that we’re given at the time of bear's injury! Bear is now running laps around the yard and this wouldn’t be possible without the love and care from the staff at Stevens-Swan! They say they are very grateful for all we have done for Bear. He will live out the rest of his life being loved and very spoiled. Bear also recently graduated his first training class!

The pictures of him in the crate were taken on the way to the vet right after he arrived, the rest are him living the good life in his home. There is also a picture of his X-ray to show the pin in his leg:

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