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She is a senior pittie who saved her family from a house fire and ended up at the shelter after the fire. This was the second time in her life she was in a house fire. We were hoping she would be able to go back to her family once they had somewhere to live, but unfortunately they could not have her wherever they moved to. Luckily she was not injured in the fire, but she did have to have two extensive surgeries to remove mammary tumors and get spayed. 

Despite the fact that she was 10 years old and healing from her surgeries, the sweetest adopter came along. Audrey Arroyo adopted Anastasia on 2/6/21 and Anastasia gained two little human sisters, too. Audrey says she is doing well and is so loved. She says she is so special and she is thankful for her. She also added that she is so good with her two young daughters and they adore her and spoil her. 

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